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MC Kingfish responds to @sfgate -- call for more entrepreneurs? #sfnightlife

Hmm… Well, Caille Miller makes a pretty good half-point here, but she leaves out a couple of things. 1) Clubs provide to those who pay, and if she doesn’t like that the primary entertainment is for weekend warriors from the far-suburbs, she should consider who she’s asking to foot the bill. 2) Related, she seems to think that the problem is there aren’t enough wealthy lunatics who want to “throw parties” for “the cool people.” That’s great, accept the economics of one person paying 1000’s of dollars so that another person paying $10 can have a good time don’t really last, and 3) there are tons of amazing creative people in this town who would love to entertain Ms. Miller, but the city of San Francisco almost could not be more hostile to nightlife, and the citizens of the city don’t provide enough revenue to support the suburbanite-free events she wants to attend.

Money is the honey. As I’ve said before, if you’re at an awesome event, _somebod
y_ is paying for it. It’s either the promoter/producer, the attendees or, if you’re fantastically lucky, a non-intrusive money-spewing corporate sponsor (see also: Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.) If ya ain’t one of those three, it stops (or doesn’t start.) No bucks, No Buck Rodgers.

I agree that our city is experiencing a tragic lack of quality entertainment, particularly when compared to previous eras (like the 90’s) and it is true that in recent years virtually everything of scale in entertainment has been “Burning Man-ized,” but it might serve Ms. Miller better to write an article suggesting that “the cool people” get up off the couch, or let go of their horror of minor precipitation, rather than imply that the problem is a lack of out of town producers/promoters coming to the Bay Area, eager to dump a fortune on lavishing San Franciscans with underpriced spectacles.

‘Cuz that ain’t gonna happen.
— Kingfish, Executive Producer of Hubba Hubba Revue

Speakeasily premiers!

Did you catch the first episode?!

Check it out, the premier of Speakeasily from tonight on TradioV SF! Guests include Comrade Tang, Lady Satan & Casey Castille!